The Luv Blankies for Foster Children ministry began 10 years ago after a therapist requested a special blanket for an 8-year-old little girl who had experienced great trauma losing both her mother and father. Requests kept coming so Luv Blankies for Foster Children was formed.

Since then more than 2,300 Blankie Bags have been delivered for foster children in Orange County and through one facility in Covina. We receive orders every month for new children entering foster care and we deliver them through their therapists at Western Youth Services’ six offices in Orange County. In the past we have delivered to group homes and have filled orders for the Fullerton Police Department. Our average monthly delivery is as much as 40 and during the summer we can have orders of more than 100 for special foster children’s summer camp.

A Blankie Bag contains: a quilt or afghan, beanie hat, slippers or flip flops, pillow, books, small toys and one huge stuffed animal who is poking his head out the top of a big bag. A large pocket that contains a small book (“God Made Me”), a thank-you card and a picture of the Blankie Lady who made the quilt or afghan, with a special “love” note for the child.

So far we have had great donations of fabric, batting, stuffing and toys which come from people all over Orange County, and very special support comes from American Storage, Kaufman Fabrics, AirKinetics, Dr. Elizabeth Berbos, and Ivan Hatfield (of Sunny Hills Church of Christ). One gift basket worth $700 came from New Zealand! My Stuff Bags, a program supported by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, sends us a carload of donations by way of Denise Goodson from Crystal Cathedral Church. Maryanne Park of Capo Valley Calvary Church has donated fabric and batting for years. Urain Cook (of Sunny Hills Church of Christ) provides us with many toys, dolls, and toiletries for our Blankies and our Luv Baskets. The Luv Basket ministry is an offshoot of Luv Blankies for Foster Children where we deliver baskets to people in the hospital. Most of the basket donations are books and items we cannot use for the children.

Our needs are small – money for stuffing (pillows) and batting (quilt) which we buy wholesale, toys, books, toiletries, toothpaste, knitters, crocheters, and quilters.  More than anything, we covet your continued prayers for this group of children who have suffered so much, and who still remain a hidden part of our society. One little boy said “This lady made me a Blankie, and she didn’t even know me! I cry into it every night and remember she said she loves me!” One 6-year-old boy wrote to Olivia Trapp (his Blankie Lady) that “…. I love you so permanent!”

We have been very blessed to have the Helping Hearts Quilters, a  group of seven professional quilters who have donated over 150 quilts this year! They are pictured along with Sunny Hills Church of Christ quilters Pat Beck, Linda Free, and Mickey Barron on this page.